Not about how to reflect what is around you, About how to shine

Once in a while I'm asked what stone or crystal I like most. This always happens to be a handsome man. I always have to respond with a blush on my cheeks that of course...I ... like any other woman in the world likes, loves, admires... Like the most beautiful woman in the world sings....about best friends"

.......The Diamond,

You can see The Diamond as a perfect reflection of hour divine source, of our universe. You can see the shape: merged triangles. This shape and shine reflects the male and female shapes merged together. Like the light: male and the matter: female. By shaping and polishing the diamond. It shows the enormous shine of the light, that contains all the rainbow colors. Unfortunately If you would know how much sweat, tears, lives, those diamonds would actually cost you no longer want to buy them.

So the diamond contains the highest diamond light, that can penetrate the deepest darkest energies and make it light. The more shine the diamond has the more masculine energy is shown by matter. Women can best use this energy. It is known as the amplifier's for all chacras, so if the woman can shine at her best. All matter around her comes to absorb the all life force shine. So that;'s why to a woman the shine of a diamond is irristible, and since the male has this light life shine as male energy already. It is the best gift from a man to a woman. And now, If a man is wearing a diamonds, you can wonder...  why he needs diamonds.

I'll be happy to answer any questions... please challenge me?

Will be followed up!

In love and light Juliette Pasman